Last night I wept. I wept because the process by which I have become woman was painful. I wept because I was no longer a child with a child’s blind faith. I wept because my eyes were opened to reality….I wept because I could not believe anymore and I love to believe. I can still love passionately without believing. That means I love humanly. I wept because I have lost my pain and I am not yet accustomed to its absence.

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One should always be in love. That’s the reason one should never marry.

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I feel as if I’m
made to understand but not
to be understood.

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We kiss all the time.” I clear my throat, then add, “We just…do it in private.”
“A smug expression crosses his face. “I don’t buy it for a second, ‘cause if you were my girlfriend and a stud like me was livin’ in your house, I’d kiss you in front of the guy every chance I got as a reminder.”
“A reminder of w-w-what?”
“That you were mine.

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